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Edited publications
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (Founding Editor) (November 2007-present)
¶Sotto Voce Magazine (Assistant Poetry Editor) (July 2008-present)
Special Cha Edition on the Asia and Pacific Writers' Network (Editor) (December 2008)
Love & Lust (Co-editor), Inkstone Books and the Hong Kong Writers' Circle (February 2008)
Word Salad Poetry Magazine (Co-editor) (June 2007-May 2008)

Short stories
¶"Moments not resolved" (pp. 28-29) Reprint in Sein und Werden (Autumn 2008)
¶"Small company seeks new blood to blacken things" (pp. 74-80) in MiPoesias (Vol. 22, Issue#6, July 2008) [PDF]
"Grandma" in The Danforth Review (Canada, Issue#22, March 2008)
"The sisters' bed" in 55 word stories (January 2008)
"The purple lavendar bra" in Private: International Review of Photographs and Texts(Italy, January 2008)
"Enchanted me from the beginning"Reprint, co-written with Jeff Zroback in Admit 2(No. 21, January 2008)

Dialogues (Co-written)
"Old professions", "Filial piety" in Qarrtsiluni (The Apocalypse Issue, October-December 2008
¶"Morning hangovers", "Something lives in holes", "24 hour diner", "Put all in boxes", "A mouse in the head" in Admit2 (September 2008)
"Ebbing", "Contract in broken English" in Prick of the Spindle (vol.2.2, June 2008)
¶"Their voices, varied and many" (pp. 163-179) in Love & Lust (published by Inkstone Books and the Hong Kong Writers' Circle, February 2008)

Poetry (in anthologies & books)
¶"Dinner table" (p. 69) and "Before my departure" (p. 69) in Loch Raven Review Vol. 3, Loch Raven Press, US (2008)
¶"Random fragments from these years" (pp. 165-169) in Fifty/Fifty, Haven Books, HK (2008)

Poetry (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)
"Landscapes of the mind" (pp.96-97) in SN Review (Autumn 2008)
"Three haiku", "At a poetry reading" in The Glasgow Review (UK, December 2008)
"Invitation", "Day in March", "Taset of blood", "The chauffeur must know" (All written with Reid Mitchell) in Rhythm Poetry Magazine (Fall/Winter 2008/2009)
"Access Denied"Reprint in Eureaka Street (Australia, Vol 18 No 23, 10 November 2008)
"Bride" (English original by Reid Mitchell; Chinese translation by me) in Poetry Sky Quarterly (Issue#16, Winter 2008)
"I lay curled on the sofa" in Blue Fifth Review (Fall 2008)
"Barefoot women" in Quarterly Literary Singapore Review (Vol. 7, No. 4, October 2008)
"Invisible red cords" in Sotto Voce Magazine (Issue#1, Fall 2008)
¶"In private, I write to you my lady" (p. 13) in Magma Poetry (October 2008)
"Ring fingers"Reprint in Shit Creek Review (Issue#8, October 2008)
"The Famine in Anhui, China (1959-62)"Reprint in Frostwriting (Issue 1, 2008)
"Painting" in Up the Staircase (Fall 2008)
"Confessions of a woman, seventy years old or less" (p. 19) Reprint in Sage Trail (Vol. 1, Number 8, October 2008)
"Envious old woman" (from "Confessions of a woman, seventy years old or less"Reprint) in Postal Poetry (September 2008)
"You are my 27th letter" (p. 25) in 34th Parallel (Issue#4, September 2008)
¶"Young" (p. 26), "One-time model"Reprint (p. 27) in The League of Laboring Poets(Vol 2, issue #4, August 2008)
"The Famine, 1959-62"Reprint in November 3rd Club Journal (Summer 2008)
"The fisherman's wife"(poem by me, audio recording by Hanani Cha) in Qarrtsiluni (July/August 2008)
"Primordia", "The cows", "Still life with smoker"(English original by Tom Chandler; Chinese translation by me) in Poetry Sky Quarterly (Issue#15, Fall 2008)
"Words"Reprint in Just a Moment (Part of Blue Print Review) (Issue#17, 2008)
"A lovelorn girl's four seasons", "I"Reprint, "And my fair past here showed me" in ditch, (Canada, July 2008)
"To wring words from a man"Reprint in Poetry Friends (05 July, 2008)
"Going to my parents' place on a crowded bus"Reprint, "Dinner table"Reprint, "This be the postcard poem"Reprint, "In this massiave hallway"Reprint, "In the summit of greying snow"Reprint in Concelebratory Shoehorn Review (Issue#19, July 2008)
"Early spring"Reprint in Poetry Friends (23 June, 2008)
"Her editor"Reprint, "John gave Rachel a book"Reprint, "I know what you did"Reprint,"His penis"Reprint in Ygdrasil: A Journal of the Poetics Art (June 2008)
"An elegy to a brother who wrote autobiographical poems"Nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Boxcar Poetry Review(Issue#14, May 2008)
"When I was six", "An ancient poem not yet written" (English original by Tom Chandler; Chinese translation by me) in Poetry Sky Quarterly (Issue#14, Summer 2008)
"The famine, 1959-62" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (Singapore, 7:2, April 2008)
¶"The lean shadow" (p. 9), "The eyes on her postcard" (p. 9) in The Paper Wasp Magazine (Australia, Autumn 2008)
"The world began" in elimae (April 2008)
"An artist", "Elephants", "Secondhand" in SUB-LIT (Vol.1, No. 4, April 2008)
"Dinner table"Reprint, "This be the postcard poem" in Lunarosity (April 2008)
"A painter's complaint"Reprint (p. 7), "Seasonal hair"Reprint (p. 7), "Ode to this particular man in Hong Kong"Reprint (p. 8) in Origami Condom (Issue#7, 2008) [PDF]
¶"Winter in my apartment ", "A walk to unforget" in Kritya: a Journal of Poetry(India, Vol.3 Part11, April 2008)
"His T-shirts" (pp. 12-13) (Reprint with a Chinese translation by me) in Glint: Taichung Writers Association Journal (Taiwan, 3 March 2008) [PDF]
¶"Speed" (p. 7), "Sending my friend to him" (p. 7), "A fairytale" (p. 7) in The Journal (UK, issue#21 Spring 2008)
"Advice to herself at age eighteen" in Dark Sky Magazine (Issue#6.2, March 2008) (republished in August 2009)
¶"This is not an age for punctuation" (pp. 71-72) (inspired by a Chinese poem by Ellen Lai) in Asia Literary Review (No. 7, Spring 2008)
"I once called a man fat" in Apple Valley Review (3.1, Spring 2008)
"A visitor" (Reprint with a Chinese translation by me) in Poetry Sky Quarterly(Issue#13, Spring 2008)
"Years ago, picking them up after school", "Confessions of a woman, seventy years old or less"Reprint, "The rainwater"Reprint, "A moment at a housewarming party" in Softblow (Singapore, February 2008)
"Last night, five people, unbeknownst to you", "Libraries" in Blue Jew Yorker(Issue#3, January 2008)
"Minute" (p. 106), "One-time model" (pp. 106-107), "Confessions of a woman, seventy years old or less" (p. 107) (English original by me; Chinese translation by Diana Yue) in Muse (Hong Kong, Issue #12, January 2008)
"Cigarette butts" in Istanbul Literary Review (Turkey, January 2008)

Images (see gallery here)
¶Image considered for The Furnace Review (Fall 2008)
¶Cover images for Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (issues#1-4)
Postal Poetry (September 2008)
Pequin (May 2008)
Poesy (Issue #36, 2008)
Pequin (January 2008)